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Many Mears State Park (Pentwater, MI) visitors will recognize this scene if they have ever hiked up and ran down Old Baldy. The sand is so deep and the dune is so steep that running (because you can’t stop) is fun and exhilarating. Besides the exciting run down the dune - the view of Lake Michigan is spectacular. The lake is jewel-like in the distance. The sand is hot in the sun and cool in the shade.  


The painting of the landmark is 12” x 16”. The trees are vibrant greens and contrast with the warmer shadows in the foreground of the painting. The vigorous brushstrokes on the trees frame the view of Lake MIchigan in the distance.

ON TOP OF OLD BALDY - Framed, 12" x 16"

  • My family camps at this park yearly. Some older campers have been coming for generations; so those that visit the park are familiar with “Old Baldy”.  Lake Michigan is beautiful with it's tourquise water and steep sand dunes. It is well worth the visit.

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